I am so excited to take our Rachel’s Place Fine Art School Portraits this year! All photos will be taken with a soft gray background.  Fine Art Photography allows me to capture your child’s true personality. 

You will receive a link to an online proofing gallery by October 26th. Digital images and prints will be available for purchase.

Picture Day Dates
Wednesday, October 11th: 4K students
Thursday, October 12th:  Infants-4yr Olds​​​​​​​

What should my child wear?
Solid colors, please avoid graphics or neon clothing.  Most photos will be from the shoulder up. 

What is a Fine Art School Portrait?
Fine Art School Portraits are a modern take on the tradition school photos.  Children are encouraged to be themselves. No more forced cheesy smiles!  A simple neutral color is used for the background.  This year I will be using a gray color. 

How will I order?
You will receive a link to an online proofing gallery by October 26th. There will be both color and black and white options.  Digital images and prints will be available for purchase.  The gallery will be live until November 6th.  ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED by November 6th.  ​​​​​​​
 Your child’s school portraits are ready to view!!  
Please note: if you have more than one child, all siblings will be in the oldest sibling’s classroom album 

All orders will be due by midnight on November 6th.

2. Enter Email address
3. Click on your child’s classroom, then your child's named album.
4. Enter Access Code (the first four digits of your child’s birthday with no dashes) Example 1/20/12: Access Code- 0120
5. Click on a photo
6. Click buy photo
7. Notice drop down menus to view all buying options.
 I highly recommend watching the video turtorial below!! 
COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All images are copyrighted.  Please do not screenshot any mages to social media until after your purchase is complete.  Thanks for understanding!
If you have any questions, please contact me at one18photo@gmail.com.
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